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NuKe Delivery

NuKe Deliveries

NuKe Delivery partners with businesses in Rustenburg to provide them with access to our drivers to deliver their products throughout Rustenburg at affordable rates.

(Currently this service is only available in Rustenburg)

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NuKe Delivery

We are able to assist your company in delivering your goods to clients fast and at low costs.

Online Orders

No System, No Problem


Order Tracking

How it Works

  • 1
    Customer places order with you (Either online or via the phone)
  • 2
    You accept the order
  • 3
    Notify NuKe Delivery of the order (Our online order software does this automatically, or you would need to complete a form online if you do not make use of our ordering software
  • 4
    We dispatch the closest available driver to you
  • 5
    The driver collects from you & we then notify the client that their package is on the way
  • 6
    Once the driver arrives they call your client to notify them
  • 7
    Your package is delivered and we send proof of delivery to you & the client

What areas does NuKe Delivery cover?

NuKe Delivery currently covers businesses & clients within the following zones:

Some businesses are responsible for their own delivery’s and the zones & pricing might differ. Please refer to our online order page for more info.

NuKe Delivery Pricing

Our packages are affordable for any small business, with no hidden fees!

R 200

/per Month

Our Drivers handle all your deliveries

Unlimited Orders

No Commission on sales

Pricing per deliverey depending on zone of business & client (Between R 40 - R 65 per delivery) (Can be paid by business or client)

Drivers are dispatched immediately when you receive an order

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